Regional Urban Centers

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There are seven Regional Urban Centers in Japan. Stretching from Sapporo in the north to Kagoshima on the southern tip of Kyushu Island, they include Matsuyama, located on the smallest island of Shikoku as well as Okayama City in west central Japan, the gateway city to Shikoku island located on the Inland Sea.

Shizuoka City is an industrial center that runs for kilometers long the Pacific Ocean in the shadow of Mt. Fuji. Kumamoto, famous for its castle and gardens lies in the shadow of Japan's largest active volcano. As you can see, each city is unique. But all have the same need, the need to be reached with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Large Cities

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In this tier you will also find seven cities! Kanazawa, the gold leaf capitol of Japan; Oita, with the most Buddhist statues; Nagasaki, the second city bombed with an atomic bomb, are three of the cities.

Less then 1 percent of the people in these cities of nearly half a million claim to know Christ. Fukuyama, which is nicknamed the Rose city, definitely has few who know the Rose of Sharon. Yokosuka which sits at the entrance to Tokyo Bay and whose lighthouse lights the way for ships to enter the harbor has thousands still in darkness. Toyama is a seafood center but people have yet to meet the God to made all the fish in the sea.

Our goal is for each person in these cities to have an opportunity to hear about the Creator God and the Good News He has about being their light and salvation.

Medium Cities

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There are forty plus cities with a population of two hundred to four hundred thousand on Japan's main four islands and Okinawa.These cities resemble some of the larger cities in that they are transportation and education centers in their areas. Some have large companies and are supported by those industries while others may derive their income from tourism.

Asahikawa in the of Hokkaido is in snow country with frigid winters while Naha on Okinawa is subtropical and warm year round. While the cities differ widely in climate, source of income, and local traditions, they are all similar in that they have many temples and shrines, few churches and little exposure to the gospel. Check out these cities, Pray for them; for the gospel be made available to those living in them.

JGP Network

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The JGPNetwork is seeing to take the gospel to about 2,000 cities, towns and villages on the Japan's four main islands and the smaller island of Okinawa that have a population of less than two hundred thousand.

Approximately 50 million people live in the mountain hamlets, fishing and farming villages, small industrial cities, and clusters of homes scattered throughout the regional area of Japan.

Many of these towns and villages have no gospel witness. Towns as large as 30,000 may not have even one church yet have a hundred or more shrines, temples and places of idol worship. Our prayer is that every person will have opportunity to hear and respond to the gospel.


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