The Passion

Dear Praying Friends:

We see changes in lives of people as Christians continue to share the gospel. Mrs. Tam trusted Christ last week as Mrs. Sa witnessed to her and the church reached out to minister to her family in a time of need. However, her husband has told her not to come to worship and she is afraid to tell her husband that she has become a Christian. Pray for her to boldly follow Christ in spite of this opposition.

Mrs. Maru was saved and baptized a couple of months ago. Last week, her 8 year old daughter asked her if she could become a Christian. Her mother talked with her and found that she is being bullied at school. Pray that this third grade girl who wants to be saved and baptized will truly know Christ as her Savior and experience his protection and grace each day as she goes to school.

Thank you for your continued prayers for the Yo family. Praise the Lord. I believe they had worship together as a family for the first time this past weekend! Pray they will worship the Lord daily. Praise the Lord for this family growing in Christ. The youngest son who is seven is indicating that he wants to trust Christ too. Pray that he will be able to comprehend God’s gift of salvation and receive it.

As many of you know “The Passion” opened in theaters in Japan on May 1. Originally it was scheduled for one theater but is being shown in 146 theaters across the country. Although theaters in Tokyo have been full, the crowds in Mobara City near Togane have been slim. Mrs. Shi went last week and took her husband and two adult daughters who are not yet Christians There were only a few people there in the afternoon. On the way to the theater the husband said he would “take a nap” during the movie, but he not only watched the entire movie but afterwards asked about why Jesus died for us. Mrs. Shi was able to share the gospel with him and her daughters. Please pray for them to be saved.

E took Ki, Mo, and Shiro Monday to see the movie in Mobara near Togane. Today five other Christians including Mrs. Tam went to see it and took Mrs. Sai who is not a Christian with them. Pray that the Holy Spirit will work in Mrs. Tam and Mrs. Sai’s heart. Pray that God will use this as a means to sow seeds of the gospel in the hearts of thousands in Chiba and tens of thousands across Japan. Through this film people who would never come to church can have a glimpse of how much God loves them.

Every Home for Christ has produced a great tract that our members are passing out to friends, neighbors and also to folks who attend the movie. Both times the crowds in Mobara were slim but the ladies gave away about a hundred tracts today. Pray they will read this gospel presentation and pray to receive Christ.

God has led us to two new couples. One couple is in their 70’s and the other just got married! Both will be coming to Hatagaya. Please pray for the Christians at Hatagaya Church to reach out to these couples and that they will be saved.

Mrs. Ko, Mrs. Ka, and Mrs. Sa who are struggling in their walk with the Lord need you prayers that their faith will be revived, that they will grow in the Lord and become reproducing disciples of Christ.

Another change is the name of our website. We are now This is to keep our site name in line with our new organizational changes. Sorry for the name change so soon after introducing it to you. This name should remain unchanged for a while!!! 🙂 Visit our photo journal; it’s new!! You will enjoy seeing the Togane church, Chiba area, teams that have come, etc. Also, take the virtual prayer walk, even if you’ve gone once, go again!! You will be blessed as you pray.

Claiming His Promises for His Glory,
Tak and Lana