Yes, DeanO the Clown is coming back to Japan!!!! DeanO, who is really Dean, and his wife, Cheri are coming to Japan from October 9 through the 17. They will be teaching the Christians how to make animal balloons, do face painting, as well as witnessing to groups in parks, going to children’s meetings, to a home for the handicapped and to a group home where there are no Christians. Pray as they share in at Tabiji group home and the worship there.


Please pray also as DeanO and Cheri go to the Ikoi group home at Three Black Shrines that they will be able to share the gospel with those folks. They will give the folks the wordless book with an explanation in Japanese. It is on a little pin that they can attach to their lapel or blouse. Pray that these elderly folks will be able to comprehend the gospel message. Pray especially that Mr. and Mrs. Wa, the owners, and Mrs. Na and the younger staff who work there, will have hearts that are soft, fertile soil that will receive the seeds of the gospel.

Pray for the church that meets at Yo’s house as they have DeanO come and help them reach out to the children in their area and in a neighborhood close by. This new neighborhood where they will be going has no church. Pray that they will be able to meet lots of children and share the gospel with them and their families. Pray for the church that meets at Yo’s house to focus on the Word of God. Also pray that they will have the fruit of the spirit and see people come to Christ.


Also, pray as DeanO goes to the town of Tako with the church that meets at the Mrs. Se’s house. Tako is about 40 minutes from Togane and there is NO church in the town. It is a rural town and very spread out. We will go to a park in the town, and since it is a holiday we are hoping that many people will be there. Pray for the Christians as they share their testimonies, give our tracts and wordless books, and for DeanO as he shares. Also, pray for Cheri as she has a chance to share with the mothers.

God is already answering prayer for Mr. Toku on Kikai Island. He came to visit Al and Aub with his wife and daughter. They had a chili supper and he experienced his first alcohol free meal. He said he enjoyed it!!! After dinner he saw a bilingual book of Luke/Acts and asked if he could have a copy. Pray that he will read the copy they glad gave him and that he will also read the gospel presentation in the back of the book and trust Christ as his Savior.

Claiming His Promises, for His Glory.
Lana and Tak