Reflecting His Glory

Praying Friends:

Although Thanksgiving is still a week away, the small shops that line the streets are already covered with Christmas lights. A huge Christmas tree stands on the street in front of the department store near our house. We see Santa everywhere and hear Christmas songs, but we don’t see anything that reminds us of the true meaning of Christmas. As the Christians prepare to celebrate Christ’s birth and seek ways to share the true meaning of Christmas with their lost friends and family through December, pray that the Christians will be the lights reflecting His glory to those around them…

Answered prayer: The second week in November, Mrs. Wa’s mother called and asked Mrs. Sa to come to visit. Mrs. Sa called other believers who went with her and took their children. They went with Mrs. Wa and her son to a park near her house and where they had worship. Remember that this is the Mrs. Wa whose mother took away her Bible and kept the Christians who visited in October from seeing her. Truly an answer to prayer… Continue to pray that God will protect Mrs. Wa’s faith. Pray that Mrs. Wa will be able to have her Bible again soon, that her family will be saved and a church be birthed in the town of Tako.

Answered prayer: Mrs. Se, whose family took her Bible away and demanded that she renounce her faith, is now able to not only share with her husband and children but also to display a calendar in her home with scripture on it. This past week as they were watching TV, her husband said he heard the word hallelujah and asked her the meaning. She praised the Lord for answering her prayers as she witnessed to him. God has honored Mrs. Se’s decision to take up her cross daily and follow Christ. Pray that Mr. Se and the entire family will be saved soon.

A Big Request!! E and Lana visited Mrs. D whose husband died in October. As Lana hugged Mrs. D (not a Japanese custom), wept with her over her loss, she shared about the hope we have in Christ and gave her a Digest Bible. Although Mrs. D mentioned that she had read some of the New Testament, she also mentioned that now she prays to her husband each day as she places offerings on the altar in their home. Pray that she will read the Digest Bible and that the Holy Spirit will speak to her through the word. Pray that she, her three children and Mr. D’s mother will come to know Christ.

Southern Baptists will soon observe a week of prayer for world missions. Pray for the missionaries who are taking the gospel to the millions who have yet to hear. Give generously to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering to support our missionaries so that people of all nations may have an opportunity to accept God’s gift of salvation. Pray about going yourself, as a volunteer or a short term or career missionary!!!!

Thanking Him, Praising Him and Claiming His Promises,
Lana and Tak