Not Good Enough

On Monday we drove two hours north of Tokyo to Kamikawa and met Mr. Su who came to Kei’s house for worship. As we sang a song about God’s forgiveness through Christ’s blood that what shed on the cross, Mr. Su’s heart was touched. He wanted so much to do as the song said and trust himself to Christ, but he didn’t think he was good enough. He talked about how he always felt inadequate and had a heart full of sin.

Please pray for Mr. Su to give his heart to Christ. Pray for Kei to grow in the Lord so she will be able to lead him in his search for forgiveness and the truth.

Kei’s mother fixed dinner for us. We were served in front of a Buddhist altar where she was offering fruit to the spirit of her husband. Please pray for Mrs. Suzu to also have a open heart toward the gospel. Ask God to move across the village of Kamikawa and open hearts to the gospel.

Claiming His Promises for His glory.
Tak and Lana