Another Gift

Since the last post, all of the churches in Togane have celebrated Christmas. Lost people heard the gospel for the first time. Not all of those who indicated they would attend Christmas worship did so. That was a disappointment to the Christians who wanted their friends to hear the real meaning of Christmas. Pray for the Christians to continue to be committed to telling others about Christ. Ask God to encourage their hearts and guide them into a deeper closer relationship with Him. Also, ask God to guide them by his Spirit to those who are hungry to know Christ.

 We received God’s greatest gift at Christmas when he sent Jesus to this world. He is giving us another gift now, the year 2008. Today is part of that gift from God. We can give a gift to Him by living this day for Him. Pray for us here in Japan to be faithful in living for Christ, to walk close to him and remember his faithful promises to provide our needs, guide us, protect us, use us, bless us and glorify himself through us. 

We thank each of you who are praying with us and ask that you faithfully hold us up before the Lord each day this year. Satan never stops preying on our weaknesses. Pray for the Christians to give their burdens to the Lord and rest in Him. Pray for protection and strength to overcome temptations. Pray for vision and zeal to share the gospel and a compassion and burden for the lost that will keep us out there telling the Good News that Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life!!