A wonderful ride


Today Tak and I went to Togane drove through the town and then took a wonderful ride out through the rice paddies.  We saw the carp flying beside the farm houses. We were able to share with people who were walking around the lake near the temples, with a couple who were visiting the graves, and then with a man who was planting rice by hand.


This week in Japan is Golden Week. Farmers are planting rice. Businessmen are off work and families are going on vacations and visiting family or just relaxing. Pray we will be faithful to plant the seeds of the gospel in the hearts of those we meet during this time when they may have more time to listen than usual. Pray that those seeds will be watered by the Holy Spirit and sprout into full fruit of faith. 

Rejoice with us and praise the Lord! We had a great time this morning again having worship with Mr and Mrs. Maka. They were excited when we finished and quickly set another date to meet. Only three days away on Friday! Pray for them to grow and be able to share with her mother and father as well as with their friends. Pray for a group to start soon.


  1. Wonderful ministry! I especially like the point that statues cannot hear, speak, feel, act.

    Are you familiar with the Reaching Japanese for Christ Network? See http://www.rjcnetwork.org ( I think it’s .org)


  2. David,
    I am not familiar with that network, but will check it out.