One of the things that I love the most about being in Japan is meeting Japanese. Part of the ministry of JGPNetwork is to distribute the Manga Bible, New Testaments, and the Hope DVD. During our day in the countryside we distributed the materials around a Buddhist temple. Shirley, a volunteer from Hawaii and I saw a group of seniors playing crockett. They each wore a hat and had a number pinned to their outfits. They were hesitant as we approached but as we began to speak with them in Japanese they opened up. They each readily accepted the Manga Bibles that we gave them. And they offered us Japanese tea.

As we continued our journey we came across a man cleaning out the incence basin in front of the temple. He accepted the Manga Bible but not without giving us a couple of hundred yen. He insisted. Sometimes it is hard for Japanese to receive a free gift. Pray that the seniors who received the Manga Bible, the man cleaning the temple, and others would receive the free gift of God; salvation in Christ!