Koinobori Flying Carp

Golden Week in Japan starts this week and it is the longest stretch of vacation for the year for many Japanese employees. Some companies will even shut down for the week. Several holidays occur during this week. One of those is on May 5th, a holiday known as Kodomo no hi. This is a celebration of children, but in reality, this has historically been known as Boys Day, or Tango no sekku. All around Japan you can see koinobori, Japanese carp banners that are flying to signify the sons of Japan growing healthy and strong.

The eldest son in Japan is especially esteemed and celebrated on this day. However, in Japan, with being the oldest male also comes the responsibility of being in charge of the family’s god shelf. They will have to pray to the ancestors of the family for good will and protection and burn incense to them in order to appease their spirits to protect them. It seems that this could serve to put first born sons at a considerable disadvantage from embracing the Gospel since the whole family past and present is relying on him to perform the religious duties in the home.

Please pray that this lie would be exposed in the children growing up in Japan as well as the adults who carry this burden with them even now. Pray that the sons of Japan will become sons of the living God, and follow the Savior whose yoke is easy and whose burden is light. Pray that Arata and Luke, the young, eldest sons of the Collins and Rainer families (our personnel serving in Shizuoka) would come to saving faith at a young age that they may teach other young men that God is not pleased with burnt offerings but a broken and contrite heart of repentance and faith.