Power in His Word

Thank God for His work regardless of seasons!! It is always harvest time in the Lord’s work. Thank you also for your prayers.

Here are some praises and prayer requests from the Togane House Church network. Praise the Lord! Mr.& Mrs.Yo’s  6 years old daughter was saved and baptized on August 16th. They  worship every week and now the whole family has become Christians. Pray for the grandmother to be open to the family’s witness and pray for the house church’s growth, as well as fellowship with other churches in the network.

Mrs. Sa and her two sons started reading the Bible every day. Pray that they will understand it and practice what God tells them, that Mr.Sa will be able to read the Bible every day and worship constantly.  Pray for the daughter, Hai, to be baptized, and that Mrs.Sa’s mother who has been sick will be treated well and healed. As God answers their prayers, ask him to increase their faith to pray more boldly.

Ma, whose parents stopped her going to church, met Mrs.M outside of a convenience store. Mrs.M was able to again confirm her salvation experience and found that her heart is still tender toward God. Mrs. M encouraged this young teen to be faithful and obedient and then they prayed together. Keep praying for her faith and her family to be saved.

Many Japanese who have received the gospel message are burdened down with the cares of this world. Pray they will open their hearts and find rest and freedom in Christ as they turn their lives completely over to him.