Where do I fit?

Summer with it’s opportunities for going on missions has come and gone. But, are the opportunities gone? No!!! We need you to come and help us reach the millions of Japanese who live in the regional small cities, towns and villages. The Japan Gospel Penetration Network is always open to those who want to come and prayer walk, distribute literature, witness to those who do not know Christ, share God’s blessings and love with those who are in need, and be lights in the darkness for Jesus!!!

LeadersĀ from the house church in Togane have gone and prayer walked the town of Kujukuri. Clown teams have come and shared the gospel in this town. Now the Christians are going door to door to distribute tracts and the story of Christ in Manga form as well as share their testimonies of how they came to know Christ, how he saved them, and what He means to them in their lives each day.

Please pray about where you fit in the scheme of things and let us hear from you.

Tak and Lana

JGPNetwork team