Hope for some Soma residents

Soma City that had a population of approximately 38,000 before the earthquake and tsunami struck Japan on March 11 is located just north west of the Fukushima Power Plant. The people in this city have suffered two disasters. The tsunami took away the part of the town near the coast and the farmland surrounding it has been devastated by the radiation that has leaked from the nuclear power plant.

Within three days of the disasters, a member of a house church and group home in Togane headed north to bring families of staff out to safety. The young Christian who went to get them saw so much suffering and hundreds in need that he came home, rented a bus and went back to bring out more people. At first people did not trust him, because they could not believe that anyone would help them for free. He simply told them, “I am a Christian and I want to do what Christ wants me to do.” ┬áThe bus held 54 people and twenty more could have come but they were afraid to trust him. Pray that Japanese will come to trust Christ and his love for them.

These people who came out are all staying in lodgings provided by the group home. They struggle to find meaning in this situation and look to starting their lives over. Pray that they will find new life in Christ and meaning in life.

Pray that these evacuees will see Christ daily in the Christians at the home as they walk with the Lord. Pray for these thirty-one people to come to know Christ, experience the joy of His presence and the Hope He can give them for the future. Pray for Christians to know how to minister to those who are hurting. Pray for bodies of believers to multiply as each one grows in Christ and in turn leads others to Him.