Tohoku Care

Oregon team from Valley Baptist

Our ministry to the people effected by the tsunami continued the week of May 13 to 20th as a team of missionaries from Kansai, a volunteer team from Oregon, and the new volunteer coordinator unit who has just arrived in Japan from Alabama, worked together to deliver relief supplies and assess needs in Iwate prefecture as well as make food drops in Iwate and Miyagi.

The volunteers and missionaries worked hard to clean the Tono volunteer house in Iwate and now it is looking good and is ready for volunteers. Look at and to see the requests for teams that will be posted there. If you read this and feel God leading you to come and help, then please contact us!!!


Most of all pray for us and those in the disaster zone. Over two months have passed and the toll of the constant stress is evident as we go around the area. Tens of thousands of peoples lives are still in shambles and they are weary. Pray for those affected to have an opportunity to hear about Jesus who said  to those who are weary “Come to me and I  will give rest and help for you soul! Pray they will turn to the one who can help carry their burdens.

TohokuCare has make about sixteen food drops and helped clean houses, lots, hedges, and listened to countless stories of those involved in the tsunami and earthquake.  Soon Tohoku Care will have its own website and volunteer requests, testimonies, and news will be reported there. Keep your eyes open for

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Thank you all for your prayers, comments on Outreachjapan on FB and on Twitter. Please keep on praying and thanking God for listening and answering