During my time in Tohoku we visited several places.  One in particular really stood out to me.  The town of Otsuchi was 80-90% destroyed.  What was not destroyed in the earthquake or tsunami was destroyed in a fire which followed the disasters.  My first day in that area was at the base of a mountain.  We cleaned the foundation of a house; collecting leftover belongings, removing glass and trash, and shoveling dirt away.  The house was at the base of the hill. At the top of the hill was an elementary school and shelters for temporary government housing.  The school bathroom facilities were still being used by residents in the housing area and kids were inside watching videos.  My second day in the area was spent at a coffee shop.  The coffee shop was in the middle of a neighborhood about 3-5 minutes from the tsunami zone.  We made crafts with the elderly and also with children.  A man approached us about possible ministry opportunities.  As I worked with the children I thought about what it must be like to live so close to the disaster.  I thought about what it must be like to lose most of their town.  Please pray for the residents left in this area.  Please pray for healing and for opportunities to share the love of Christ in this area.