He connects!!

Toyama city is an isolated city on the Japan Sea side, but God is working there. A mother/daughter team came to Tohoku as volunteers and God put them on a team with a young Christian girl who was able to share her faith in Christ. The two girls exchanged emails and the young Japanese girl wrote in mixed English and Japanese sharing her desire to know more about God and the Bible. So, how to you help someone that doesn’t speak your language. God is not limited there and He already had a Christian Mom/Daughter from Toyama standing in the wings waiting to help the young American Christian to follow up and share Christ’s message more fully. Pray for the ┬áChristian Mom/Daughter team to be able to help this other Mom/Daughter to come to know Christ. Pray for the American Christian to have wisdom on how to be a bridge for them.

Many are praying for Tohoku, the northeast part of Japan affected by the earthquake and tsunami, but there is another great prayer need and opportunity. Volunteers with tender hearts for those in need are coming from all across Japan. They meet Christians who are also going out to help. These Christians are sharing about Jesus and their faith and relationship with Him. Ask God to work in the hearts of the volunteers who hear the message. Pray they will seek God, find him, and become messengers to take the gospel across Japan.


  1. I will pray for the continued spreading of the word to the people of Japan. God will provide the tools to reach all the people of the world. My mother and I are Christians and were both born in Sendai, Japan. My Dad, Mom, and I left Japan in 1957 when my Dad was being separated from the U.S. Army. Please pray for our family who still live in Sendai.