What’s in a cup???

What’s in a cup! Well a lot can be in a cup. Tea, coffee, even HOPE for the future.

Mrs. Oga went back to the place where her home had been before the tsunami. She dug through the silt and mud and as she did she found five of her fine china cups buried deep inside. There was not one scratch on them. She carefully took them home, washed the dirt away and thought about the past, the tsunami and the future. That these cups had survived such a destructive force, intact and unscratched, caused her to look at the future and have hope that she too could survive and face the future.

She did not survive unaffected, but she had a smile on her face as she shared her story and each time she uses the cups she remembers. She read the Bible as a child and is now remembering some of the things she heard. Pray for her and her husband to be saved.

This past Sunday Tak and Lana (we)  visited Mrs. Oga and her husband, had coffee from those very cups. We once again talked about the cups as we delivered packages of winter supplies from Taiwan. We also delivered a hot carpet that was donated by a church in Ohio and she was so excited she threw herself face down on the carpet and rubbed the soft mat. After our coffee, we read the Bible and prayed together.

But, back to “what’s in a cup”. The cups also affected a volunteer from Georgia who was part of a clown team from Fayetteville. She heard Mrs. Oga’s story and was so blessed by her courage that she summed up her volunteer trip with that story. I wish you could hear her testimony!!

The volunteer wanted to buy a cup to take home as a reminder and when we took her to store she found exactly the same cups that Mrs. Oga had. That was a very unlikely thing since we went to a Walmart type store and these cups were fine Narumi china. Definitely a God thing!!! The only ones in the store were on display so she bought them and took them home to America. In the midst of destruction left by the tsunami, there are bright spots and little things that give people hope!!

These cups will remind the volunteer from GA and others that she shares with to pray for Mrs. Oga, her husband and the tens of thousands of others that were affected by the tsunami. Will you join her???


  1. Joyce Wright says:

    Great story, real event, I should say. God’s care and working is certainly beyond our imagination – PTL
    Even in a disaster people will come to know God’s love – Japan has another chance to believe and respond with lives that glorify Him. To God be with glory.
    Joyce H. Wr ight