Answering the call

Although June is “tsuyu,” or rainy season in Japan, that did not deter  a US volunteer team from answering the call of  obedience in coming to Japan to help with disaster relief. A family of five from Texas: a couple and their three children ages 15, 12,  10, came with a desire to help the Japanese people and to be a positive witness in sharing the “Good News” of Jesus. They succeeded as they served faithfully day after . Two Japanese Christian ladies came alongside to assist this team in disaster relief and “Heart Care” efforts. The team did a  “Café,” or “Coffee House.”  where they  prepared and served food, which consisted of homemade “yakisoba” (fried Japanese noodles with vegetables ) and inarizushi (rice balls wrapped in tofu sacs cooked in soy sauce.) A well-attended craft time was a major success in the eyes of the disaster survivors. The mom from Texas taught the Japanese to make two different things: They painted plastic stained glass figures that could be hung on their windows to brighten the rooms and also painted wooden picture frames. The team took photos of each resident and gave them to each individual to place in the decorated frames. A table was placed a table under the tent and people were told that there were Bibles and other Christian materials free for the taking. Many of the residents took them. Pray that those who took literature will read them asking the Holy Spirit to draw those who read them to the Truth. Also, pray for God to use the witness of each team to reveal His love to those who do not know Him.

At a final work site, the team helped the community with building a “Memorial Monument” in  Ofunato in memory of those who perished in the tsunami. The purpose of the project is to bring people together in the community where some of the residents lost everything and others didn’t.  Pray they will come to know Christ and experience oneness in the Lord, loving Christ first and each other.

Material by Brenda Burch