Otsuchi in Iwate Prefecture was a town of about 13,000 resdients before it was almost totally wiped out by the tsunami on March 11,1011.  Mr. Uzu, a leader in his community working with an NPO, was near tears as he shared how people are taking their lives, how people are losing hope because of the slowness of the rebuilding. He shared that one of the leaders of the city government took his life recently.

As two missionaries working in the area drove to where the station used to be, they noticed bottles and flowers that formed a temporary altar on a slab foundation of what used to be a building. As they watch a young lady got out of her car with a can of drink in her hand. She slowly walked over and picked up bottles that had fallen over and prepared to place hers near the others. The missionary who had just taken pictures of the altar while this young lady was waiting in her car went to apologize to her for invading her privacy. He found out that her fiancé, his mother and her father were all killed in the tsunami. Workers recovered the body of his mother, but the bodies of her fiancee and her father have not been recovered.

The young lady share how she fled up the mountain and watched as the tsunami came in. She watched in horror as much of the town burned when fuel from boats caught on fire and propane tanks exploded. She expressed discouragement at the slow pace of rebuilding. The missionary listened to her story and then offered to pray for her. She readily agreed and he prayed for her, her family and her town.

Join in praying for the people of Otsuchi Town to not lose hope and to have opportunities to meet the One who can give them real hope and comfort their hurting hearts.