The Only Alternative

A group of Christians in Wakayama, south of Osaka City, Japan, have placed signs in key locations on a beautiful cliff that overlooks the Pacific Ocean.  The signs tell visitors that the God of the Bible loves each individual and that their life is important to God.  You see, each year among the many visitors that come to see stunning rock formations, brilliant blue ocean water, and a powdery white sky that stretches to the horizon, there are couples and individuals that come to end their lives.  Unfortunately, due to family pressures or societal expectations some couples see no possibility of being able to marry and spend their lives together!  And since they can’t be together in this life they would rather end the pain and suffering and prospect of being apart!  The signs put up by the Christian group go on to say that they want to try to help everyone who may be feeling that they have no future.  A believer or two are always on call to rush to the bluff and talk with anyone who contacts them, day or night!  A number of people have contacted the church and asked for help.  Lives have been saved and a few have accepted Christ! Please pray for this group of Christians as they attempt to save not only the lives of those who call, but also share a message of hope for now and in the future!  Pray that God would show those ready to take their lives that He has a purpose for them!