Many hands…

many hands working together

Personnel have started visiting the recovery apartments, as well as those who have been able to move into homes. The people in the apartments are in better living situations but are lonely.  There are community meeting rooms, but they are locked much of the time and have few activities going to help the residents.
During this cold weather,  the survivors spend a lot of time sitting in their rooms. Those left in the temporary housing are losing their post-tsunami community as people move out. They are sad and are continuing to have difficult times. So now we have double the places to go and visit. Ask God to give the personnel wisdom for how best to use each day and pray God will bring comfort and grace to each.
They included a neighbor when making blankets at one of the recovery apartments. This lady was able to repair her home and live in it so she has never lived in temporary housing.  She had not met with a group of people to get together to talk or have fun since the tsunami.  During the teatime as she told how she lost all of her family members she burst into tears.
It is hard for those who have not had opportunities to tell their story. They need to talk with others who understand. Many hands working together to make blankets also resulted in needed heart care. During the Valentine’s season we also were able to order several hundred “heart” shaped cookies, and we gave out packets of cookies, a kit-kat bar, yes, the latter is available here, and a Valentine’s greeting with a verse regarding God’s love for each. This was a blessing not only to those who received it, but it also helped the owners of a small bakery who lost their business, as well as their home in the tsunami and now have both in temporary buildings.
Pray the LORD’s Word that has been shared as personnel work with the survivors will not “return void.”
Written by Gloria and Bob Gellerstedt