Two New Believers

On Sunday evening, January 6, eight Christians gathered together in a home where the father and adult daughter followed the Lord in baptism. After the baptism and a meal together, the house church members gave a gift to the two who followed the Lord in baptism. Their present? The word!! Each person gave  new believers […]

Hope for some Soma residents

Soma City that had a population of approximately 38,000 before the earthquake and tsunami struck Japan on March 11 is located just north west of the Fukushima Power Plant. The people in this city have suffered two disasters. The tsunami took away the part of the town near the coast and the farmland surrounding it […]

Pray for Fukuyama and Kujukuri

Fukuyama, in central Japan, needs prayer. Though it is the Rose City, it’s people do not yet know of the Rose of Sharon. Visit and read about the needs of this city. Also as you pray remember Kujukuri where the Christians in Togane has been prayer walking and witnessing. Pray that their witness will […]

Joining Outreach

As many of you know JGPNetwork is focused on reaching people in cities, towns and villages that have a population of under 200,000 with the gospel. Because of lack of personnel, this team is also focusing on major regional urban centers that have over 500,000 people. We are joining our website with the www. website […]

Where do I fit?

Summer with it’s opportunities for going on missions has come and gone. But, are the opportunities gone? No!!! We need you to come and help us reach the millions of Japanese who live in the regional small cities, towns and villages. The Japan Gospel Penetration Network is always open to those who want to come […]

Power in His Word

Thank God for His work regardless of seasons!! It is always harvest time in the Lord’s work. Thank you also for your prayers. Here are some praises and prayer requests from the Togane House Church network. Praise the Lord! Mr.& Mrs.Yo’s  6 years old daughter was saved and baptized on August 16th. They  worship every week […]


God continues to move in the small city of Togane in Chiba. A young high school boy and a young husband were saved a couple of weeks ago. As E disciples Mie and A-san disciples Ken, please pray for the disciplers to have wisdom and guidance of the Holy Spirit, and pray for the disciplees […]


One of the things that I love the most about being in Japan is meeting Japanese. Part of the ministry of JGPNetwork is to distribute the Manga Bible, New Testaments, and the Hope DVD. During our day in the countryside we distributed the materials around a Buddhist temple. Shirley, a volunteer from Hawaii and I saw […]

A wonderful ride

            Today Tak and I went to Togane drove through the town and then took a wonderful ride out through the rice paddies.  We saw the carp flying beside the farm houses. We were able to share with people who were walking around the lake near the temples, with a couple who were visiting the graves, […]

Another Gift

Since the last post, all of the churches in Togane have celebrated Christmas. Lost people heard the gospel for the first time. Not all of those who indicated they would attend Christmas worship did so. That was a disappointment to the Christians who wanted their friends to hear the real meaning of Christmas. Pray for the […]