Progress is slow, but….

                Many survivors are enjoying the work done by volunteers as they sit on decks of community buildings, enjoy tea and discuss the needs of the community. Children come to play at the picnic tables made by volunteers.   Survivors have taken ownership of the area around the […]

Temporary!!! How many of us dislike that word?  The main highway between Minami Sanriku to Rikuzentaka along the Tohoku coast has over 8 temporary bridges. Much repair has been done since the tsunami, but as the government waits to raise the level of the land along the coast, they are also waiting to rebuild many […]


Many hands…

Personnel have started visiting the recovery apartments, as well as those who have been able to move into homes. The people in the apartments are in better living situations but are lonely.  There are community meeting rooms, but they are locked much of the time and have few activities going to help the residents. During […]

Pray for the Entire Country of Japan

This summer has been very hot across most of the country.  The western part of Japan has had localized downpours, flooding, and landslides. In other cities temperatures reached the high 90s every day for 2 1/2 weeks, without a drop of rain. With an approaching typhoon many parts of Japan has seen record amounts of […]

Staying Warm in Tohoku

With temperatures often going below freezing, many survivors of the March 11, 2011 tsunami have shown interest in making fleece blankets.  God has opened doors for opportunities in temporary housing, private homes, and community meeting rooms to make the two layered fleece blankets.  The people receiving the blankets  are expressing their thankfulness to the Christians […]


Otsuchi in Iwate Prefecture was a town of about 13,000 resdients before it was almost totally wiped out by the tsunami on March 11,1011.  Mr. Uzu, a leader in his community working with an NPO, was near tears as he shared how people are taking their lives, how people are losing hope because of the slowness […]

Monument Moving Along

Originally, July 2012 was the projected completion date for a monument in Ofunato City.  Mido Harada, a Christian sculptor from Hokkaido, took on the project at the request of a local Ofunato City resident.  A lot of work has gone into the monument.  With snow just around the corner it will be next year before […]


During my time in Tohoku we visited several places.  One in particular really stood out to me.  The town of Otsuchi was 80-90% destroyed.  What was not destroyed in the earthquake or tsunami was destroyed in a fire which followed the disasters.  My first day in that area was at the base of a mountain.  […]

Tohoku Care

Our ministry to the people effected by the tsunami continued the week of May 13 to 20th as a team of missionaries from Kansai, a volunteer team from Oregon, and the new volunteer coordinator unit who has just arrived in Japan from Alabama, worked together to deliver relief supplies and assess needs in Iwate prefecture […]

Tohoku Care

We are working in the Tohoku disaster zone and have decided to identify ourselves as Tohoku Care. We will soon have a log with this phrase in Japanese and English. Please be praying for us and watch for a beautiful logo. As soon as we have it, we will post it on our website. Tak