Virtual Prayerwalks

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A Great Time With Volunteers

As you see volunteers joining our Christians for worship, preparing materials to distribute to the lost, prayer walking at a temple near Narita Airport, joining the believers for a baptism, and then dinner to end the day. Please pray about coming to join us in taking the Good News to the Japanese. Pray about adopting […]

A Different Kind of Spring Festival

Dear Praying Friends, We pray you are enjoying the warmth of this season, as well as the warmth of Jesus in your hearts, rejoicing in His salvation and provision in everything. Our city celebrated the coming of spring last weekend, with food stalls, and  concerts of all styles of music (including Gospel music and hula!) […]

Cold Hands, Warm Heart

Born and raised in Texas and Louisiana respectively, Kevin and I were not well acquainted with living in snowy places when we first arrived in Sendai City in August 2005.  Sendai however sees snow every winter.  This is an aspect of living in Sendai that we are definitely missing this year as we are temporarily […]

On the surface

Some places in Japan looks very western. There may be  a McDonalds on one corner and a Starbucks on the other. Regional cities have several large malls much like the ones in America and other western countries. Music, clothing, technology all speak of westernization. However, in the regional areas, if you enter a home you […]

A Heart for the Japanese

Well we are at the end of the road. Which way should we turn? Look there are steps I wonder if more houses up those stairs. Almost out of material to pass out. How do we choose who gets to hear the Word today? What if you dont leave a tract in that mail box […]

Hearts Joined in One Langauge

Summer is approaching and volunteers from America are preparing to come to Japan to work with our personnel. Young people are coming from Texas to work to reach university students in Kyushu. Others from Tennessee are coming to work in the smaller towns. The volunteers speak English. The Japanese usually speak only Japanese. But that […]

Japanese Need Jesus

We are thankful that you visit our site and pray for us. Please visit the VIDEOS tab on the right side menu of the home page, click, and watch the two videos posted there. One is about 2 and a half minutes. The second one is less than two minutes. We hope that these will […]

Bread Shop

I love small out of the way places that only locals know about. On our trip out to the country we visited a small bread shop run by a mother and her three daughters. The shop consisted of a section for homemade breads and about 4-5 mis-shaped tables. On the top of one table was […]

Off to a great start!!!

Dear KFC Praying Partners: We are off to a great summer. We returned to Japan (from STAS) on May 22nd, and one week later, on May 30th, our first volunteer team arrived. In the photo above, you can see Jodi, Jessica, and Clay, riding the train during orientation on their first full day. We also […]