Golden Week

Golden Week is in full swing in Japan and people are on the move. Going on vacation across Japan or across the world and taking off work for a week. Almost unheard of!!! But this years golden week is longer than usual and people are taking advantage. Even in vacation time the pace is fast.  […]


Idols dot the landscape of Japan. Some beside the road called ojisosan are placed there to protect the spirit of a person who died. Huge goddesses of mercy protrude from hillsides and have their hands extended as if to help. The Psalmist tells us that though they have eyes they cannot see; though they have […]


Recently as we prayed about where to work with volunteers from Hawaii, we drove through Ibaragi prefecture. As we drove through the winding roads towards our destination we saw this huge statue rising up above the hills.  The closer we got the bigger it got. We stopped in the parking lot near it and walked toward […]

A lot of blessing

This is a prayer letter from our national partner. Praise the Lord! Mrs.Naka came to worship and was saved on 17th. She didn’t have any hesitation when we asked her if she wanted to accept Jesus as her personal savior. She has already witnessed to her husband and brought offering with his permission. She was ready to […]

Time flies and many wait to hear

Okinawa family gravesite February 16 Boy time flies. Since the last update personally I had a birthday, Tak and I had an anniversary and celebrated Valentines Day. This past week we were in Okinawa and were able to visit with the Miku family, have a meal with them and then with them and his parents […]

Good bye 2007

Tomorrow is the last day of 2007! Millions of Japanese will be visiting the temples to usher in the new year. The temple gong will sound 108 times, the people will throw money in the offering box, clap their hands, buy arrows and good luck charms to “protect” them in 2008. Then they will go […]

Merry Christmas

There are many across Japan who are celebrating Christmas for the first time as God’s children. To them Christmas has become meaningful and not just a holiday to buy Kentucky Fried Chicken and a Christmas Cake. As we watch their eyes fill with wonder at how much God loves them; how He sent His Son to be […]

Step by step

We’re moving forward step by step. Soon you will see virtual prayer walks, our photo journal, and other portions of our site that have been temporarily removed.Hope you are visiting our site and have notice that the Outreach Japan look is back, In the meantime view the video that was previously on the jgpnetwork site […]

An intercessor’s prayer

  Our last update posted on the 11th had a missionary family’s prayer update to their prayer partners. Here is a prayer of one of the intercessors. What a blessing to the family. Pray and write!!! It means a lot to all our personnel.  Please continue to pray and claim God’s promises for each one scattered […]

Faithful Witness

 Mrs. Se and E are faithful witnesses. Both with friends, at work, at home and in the neighborhood. These two meet each morning to pray for the lost people that the Christians are witnessing to. They also go out each week and witness to folks, they invite them to worship.    Mrs. Se and E both shared the […]