Apology plus good news

Today you will see two posts. That is because I just realized today that I still had a post in my draft box. I apologize for not getting the previous post up  on the website. The post sat in the draft box for a couple of weeks since this computer challanged “m” forgot to click on […]

A guard enters the kingdom

Today is another good news day. Mr. Miku sends an email saying that Mr. Shiro has gone to the park and witnessed to the guard who works there. The man prayed to receive Christ. This is the first time Mr. Shiro has led someone to Christ since he became a Christian in June. He has […]

Hot Hot Hot

This week has been hot hot hot!!! Today after worship we went with a group to Asakusa Temple area where we saw people lazily walking up and down the streets wearing yukatas (summer cotton kimonos) They were eating snow cones or chewing on a piece of squid or a perserved locust. Ugh!!! This is the middle of […]

Good News!!!!!

Today we do have good news from Tokyo. We want to thank all of you and others at your churches who have prayed with us as we waited for the results of Tak’s biopsy. God had given us a peace about whatever the results were as we had prayed for him to be glorified no […]

Looking for God under a Banyan Tree

Since May 2 we have been traveling through Okinawa Prefecture with a research team, interviewing people, learning about their language, culture, and religious practices. We have met many who are steeped in superstition and rituals and have an idea there is a god somewhere. We have met many (some over 90) who have never heard […]

Idols Don’t Help

Eighty-four year old Mrs. Shima met a Christian young lady who was delivering milk products door to door in her neighborhood. As they visited together, Mrs. Sa, the Christian, shared her testimony of how God had saved her, blessed her and helped her in hard times. After hearing the testimony, Mrs. Shima said, “My idols […]

Eager to Know More

A report from a young Christian leading worship. The Holy Spirit was moving all through the worship We read John 9:1-12 and shared thoughts and questions. Mo San asked what verses 4-5 meant. At first he thought that Jesus spoke those words to everybody and what Jesus said in verse 5 was for him, too. […]

Breaking the Ice

Ka san arrived for worship before anybody else, so we prayed for Sushi san. Ka san prayed that no matter what might happen for the next couple of hours we would be glad, because God was in control. I was a little nervous about the worship, so listening to her saying that, I was ashamed […]