Hirakata Station

Hirakata City (Hi-ra-ka-ta) 枚方市  was established as a city in 1947.  At the time of its founding the population of Hirakata City was approximately 40,000.  In just over 60 years the population of Hirakata City has grown to over 410,000 people.  The current population density is about 15,800 people per square mile.  The city lies between the larger cities of Kyoto and Osaka on the Island of Honshu.


For some of the inhabitants who may work in Osaka or Kyoto Hirakata City is a bedroom town.  Many salaried workers will travel by train 1 hour or more each way to and from work.  Adding walking or the time it takes to ride a bus to and from the train station, some of the residents of Hirakata City can travel 1 ½ to 2 hours each way, each and every workday.  The husband who commutes long distances may not share the conveniences a wife and children may enjoy from living in Hirakata.


Gaidai University

One university in Hirakata City has a large number of international students.  Some of those students are believers, and they share their faith with the other students.  There is also a Christian organization that specifically has believers witnessing to the students at that university.







Prayer starters


•   Pray for the non-Christian families that live in Hirakata City.  And pray that believers living in Hirakata will have opportunities to share the Good News with family members and friends who do not yet know Christ.


•   Pray that businessmen and women, labors, students, and others that ride the trains to work or school from Hirakata will experience the freedom that Christ brings when a person believes in Him, instead of the mundane routine that most experience.


•   Pray for believers who are students, the believers working through a Christian organization witnessing to university students, and a nearby church that does follow up with these students.


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