Kannonzaki (Goddess of Mercy Cape) Lighthouse

Yokosuka City, (Yoh-koh-sue-kah) Japan, sits at the mouth of Tokyo Bay. Her eastern border faces Tokyo Bay and her western border faces Sagami Bay and the Pacific Ocean. Surrounded by water the 419,000 residents enjoy a mild climate year around. The city is divided by hills and mountains and each valley tends to become its own territory. The base and the tops of the mountains are dotted with temples and shrines where each area celebrates their festivals throughout the year.


Atop the cliff at the entrance to Tokyo bay stands the Kannonzaki (Goddess of Mercy Cape) Lighthouse whose construction was begun in 1868. Its beacon was lit for the first time in 1869. The current lighthouse, the third generation, continues to watch over Tokyo Bay.


The first official American contact with Japan came in 1846 when a small American fleet arrived off Uraga Port, part of Yokosuka City. The Americans desired to open trade between the two countries. They continued their trading efforts until Commodore Perry and his “Black Ships” finally landed in 1854 and signed a treaty that opened Japan to the world.


The end of isolation brought major changes to Yokosuka and Japan. In the late 1860’s the Shogunate decided to build a modern naval base and selected Yokosuka as the most suitable site on Tokyo Bay. The base became a Japanese ship construction and repair facility. After WWII, Japanese ship building and self defense forces continued to occupy a portion of the port that also became the home of the US Naval Forces 7th fleet.


Yokosuka is a “bedroom community” for many who commute two hours or more to work in the Tokyo metro area. Some fathers commute three hours each way to work and the only time their children see them is on weekends.


Prayer Request Starters:

•   Pray that the residents of Yokosuka will come to know Christ and become a lighthouse, directing others to the Lord and building a foundation for future generations to hear the truth.
•   Just as Yokosuka became a doorway to open Japan to the world, pray they will become a channel for the gospel to penetrate all of Japan.
•   Pray that the children will have the opportunity to meet God who wants to be their heavenly father and that they will experience His presence in their daily lives.


Prayer Profile – Yokosuka City (Downloadable PDF File)


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