Asahikawa (Ah-sah-hee-kah-wah) City is beautiful city located in the mountains of central Hokkaido Prefecture. It is the second largest city, population 352,105, in the prefecture. Winters in Asahikawa are long and very cold, with average monthly temperatures from December through March failing to reach the freezing point. The city averages an extraordinary 300 inches of snowfall per year and holds the record for the coldest temperature ever recorded in Japan, -41 degrees Celsius!

The Asahikawa Winter Festival, Hokkaido’s second largest winter festival, takes place in early February. While Asahikawa may not be able to boast having Hokkaido's biggest winter festival, it has some of the biggest snow sculptures. Every year one massive sculpture is made as a stage for music and other performances. The giant sculpture of a Korean fortress in 1994 made the book of Guinness World Records as the largest snow structure ever built. The Japan Self Defense forces assist in building the large structures.

Over 740 bridges span the approximately 130 rivers and streams that crisscross the city. Asahibashi, a bridge over the Ishikari River, is now registered as a heritage site and has been one of the symbols of Asahikawa since its completion in 1932.

In winter the mountains surrounding the city are covered with ski slopes just waiting for skiers to come and enjoy the beautiful snow. Craft shops dot the streets and wait for brave customers who will brave the snow. In summer the temperature is just right for residents and visitors to stroll through city visit the shops and enjoy the sites, smells and sounds.

Prayer Requests:

Even though there are many days where the temperature in Asahikawa does not go above the freezing point, pray for the Holy Spirit to warm the hearts of the people revealing God’s love, mercry and justice, drawing them to Himself.

Pray that they will have opportunities to hear the Gospel and accept the truth of Jesus dying on the cross and becoming the bridge of reconcilliation between God and man.

People enjoy the snow in winter or a stroll through the city in summer; pray they will come to know joy that comes through a personal relationship with Christ that doesn’t depend on outward circumstances.




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