Iwaki City

Iwaki (ee-wah-key) City is located at the southern end of Tohoku Region and just south of the Fukushima Nuclear Power plants that were damaged during the tsunami on March 11, 2011. This city of 334,000 people covers over 1,200 square kilometers, making it the largest city in area in Fukushima Prefecture, and the tenth largest in Japan.


The eastern part of the city has seven beaches stretching sixty kilometers along the coastline on the Pacific Ocean. This flatter eastern part of the city is where most of the population is located. Much of this area was devastated by the tsunami in March, 2011. Seventy percent of the city’s land space is in the western part of the city where there is a range of mountains and forests.


Off the coast of Iwaki the warm Black Current and the cold Kurile Current meet and make for an abundant fishing ground, much of which cannot currently be harvested because of radiation leaks. The prevailing winds from the ocean are warm and wet resulting in a temperate climate.


Iwaki’s origin dates back to 708 AD, during the Nara Period. Their feudal Yamato government constructed a barrier in Iwaki against possible invasion by the peoples from the north. In the late 20th century when they built the nuclear power plant they built a wall to keep out a tsunami. However, that wall did not stand and the power of nature was evidenced as the power plant was brought to a halt by the waves.


2011 is the start of a new era in Iwaki as people deal with the effects of radiation leaks. People are dealing with the grief of losing family members, friends, fellow workers, jobs, businesses, their hopes and dreams. They face a future with the stigma of being near the radiation leak and the effects that stigma brings to their city.


Prayer Starters:

•   Pray for laborers to come to share the love of Jesus and the hope and peace they can find through faith and a personal relationship with Him.
•   Pray for those who have suffered loss and are grieving. Ask God to comfort them, meet their needs each day, and give them a hope for the future.
•   Pray that barriers to the gospel message will be broken down and that thousands of people in Iwaki City will turn to Christ and find life in Him. Pray that they will become carriers of the gospel to all of Japan.


Prayer Profile – Iwaki City (Downloadable PDF file)


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