Kochi City

Kochi City (Koh-chi) 高知市  which means, “high knowledge,” is located on the southern side of Shikoku Island.  Shikoku is the smallest of the four major islands of Japan. The most famous attraction of the city is the Kochi Castle that has been restored to resemble the original castle constructed in 1611.  The city also has a quaint tram system that allows cable cars to operate on a few downtown streets.


The city has approximately 340,000 inhabitants and yet it is considered a “country town” when compared to larger metropolitan areas in other parts of the country.  Kochi has a number of Buddhist temples that are part of 88 temples included in a pilgrimage made by tens of thousands of devotees each year.


Ryoma Sakamoto

One of the most famous historical characters of Japan was born near Kochi City, Ryoma Sakamoto.  He was the samurai credited with engineering a bloodless revolution that transformed Japan into a unified nation as it modernized itself in the mid 1800’s.


When typhoons threaten the mainland of Japan, on many occasions Kochi has been the place the eye first comes ashore.  The city bears the brunt of destructive wind, waves, and rain.  In the past Kochi has also been ravaged by both earthquakes and tidal waves (tsunami) generated in the depths of the Pacific Ocean to the east.


Major industries in the Kochi area are agriculture, forestry, and fishing.  These industries provide jobs and keep the environment pristine, adding to the natural beauty of the area.  It also gives Japanese from Kochi a reputation for being hard working and resilient, meeting the challenges that nature brings.


Prayer Starters

City of Kochi as seen from Kochi Castle

•   Castles like the one in Kochi City were built to be impenetrable strongholds.   With a firm conviction that Jesus is Lord of all, pray that the Gospel will penetrate the hearts of Japanese in Kochi City and they will come into his kingdom.

•   Ryoma Sakamoto is famous for his “bloodless revolution” that was part of transforming the nation of Japan.  Pray that Japanese in Kochi City will understand their sins have been forgiven at a price, the blood of Jesus.

•   Kochi has experienced many natural disasters and destruction over the past few centuries.  Pray that Japanese Christians and other Christian workers in the city can provide hope and healing as Japanese come into a personal relationship with the one who calms the storm.

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