Miyazaki City

Miyazaki City

Miyazaki City (Mi-ya-za-ki) 宮崎市 is located on the lower eastern side of Kyushu Island, the most southern of the four major islands of Japan.  The city has traditionally been a major Japanese tourist attraction with a number of sightseeing and historical sites.  One of the most famous claims the area can make is to being the city of the first Emperor of Japan.


400,000 Japanese residents inhabit the city where many people come to experience “sun and nature.” The Miyazaki airport welcomes visitors from different points in Japan, as well as international guests from airports in Taipei and Seoul.



Jimmu, the first emperor of Japan, was born and then reigned in the Miyazaki area.  In 1940 the Japanese government erected a

Heiwadai Tower

Heiwadai Tower

monument (Heiwadai Tower) to Emperor Jimmu where his original palace is considered to have existed.  Emperor Jimmu is said to have ascended to the thrown in 660BC, but no firm date has been confirmed.


The city has long been a place where people have traveled to relax and enjoy beaches, parks, and other natural spots.  One of the most beautiful and well-visited places near the city, other than the beaches, is Takachino Gorge.  It is said the gorge was created by lava pouring down from Mt. Aso, which is over 60 miles from the gorge.


Visitors are treated to local dishes like mango, grilled chicken, and Miyazaki beef.


Among the businesses operating in or near Miyazaki are the headquarters for Skynet Asia Airways.  Dell computer also has one of its service call centers located in Miyazaki City.


Prayer Starters:

  • Many Japanese travel to Miyazaki City for relaxation and refreshment.  Pray that the residents of Miyazaki City will find “rest” in coming to know Jesus as their Personal Savior.
  • The first Emperor of Japan, Jimmu, established his palace in Miyazaki.  Pray that God’s Kingdom would gain a foothold in this city that will have a spiritual impact on the entire nation of Japan.
  • Christians living in Miyazaki, like Christians in the rest of Japan, face opposition to their faith.  With 99% of Japanese in Miyazaki believing in something other than Jesus Christ, Satan can use discouragement to negate local Christian’s witness.  Pray that Japanese in Miyazaki who are followers of Christ will be able to encourage each other, and be a light in the darkness.


Miyazaki City Prayer Profile (PDF)

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