Regional Urban Centers


There are seven Regional Urban Centers in Japan. They stretch from Sapporo in the north to Kagoshima on the southern tip of Kyushu Island. They include Matsuyama which is located  on the west side of Shikoku, the smallest island , as well as Okayama City located in west central Honshu on the Inland Sea. This vantagae point affords Okayama the opportunity to be the gateway city to Shikoku island and a hub connecting cities on the Japan Sea to the rest of Japan.

Shizuoka City is an industrial center that runs for many kilometers along the Pacific Ocean in the shadow of Mt. Fuji. Most residents enjoy a view of the famous mountain year around. Many residents face it daily to pray and seek favor of  spirit of the mountain. Kumamoto which is a Japan Sea port city on Kyushu Isalnd is famous for its castle and gardens and it lies in the shadow of Japan’s largest active volcano, Mt. Aso.

As you can see, each city is unique. Sapporo hosts a Snow Festival in February. Kagoshima on the other hand is harvesting fruit of various kinds from the abundant orchards near the city at the same time of year. Climate and customs vary, but temples and shrines dot the landscape wherever you go in these cities. This reflects the needs in the hearts of the people in each city.  They all have the same need: the need to be reached with the Good New of Jesus Christ, to be able to hold a Bible, to hear a testimony of a follower of  Jesus, to know the God who made them and loves them.