Kumamoto (Ku-mah-mo-to) 熊本市  The Japanese of Kumamoto are independent and very proud of their heritage. Presently, they are working hard to become one of the nationally recognized Metro Areas, with a population of “Greater Kumamoto” projected to be 1,400,000.


The President of Kumamoto University says the city is characterized by “RGB”, the three primary colors of light: red for the active volcano (Mt. Aso) which is near the city, green for the “City of Forests,” representing the many mountains within the city and blue for water, an endless, pure supply of high quality water from an underground supply that provides water for the city.


250px-Kumamoto_Castle_02n3200Kumamoto Castle is the city’s most famous landmark, known for its un-scalable J-shaped stone walls and its large wooden overhangs designed to repel invading ninja warriors that would leave the castle virtually impenetrable. However, during the Satsuma Rebellion, also know as the Southwest Civil War, an assault on the castle produced a 53 day long siege. The castle was sacked and burned leaving tens of thousands of civilians, sumarai warriors, and soldiers dead.


Most people have not heard of this castle or battle but they have either seen or heard of the popular movie, “The Last Samurai”, based on this battle and filmed in Kumamoto. Just as the castle was under siege during that battle, the souls of over one million people living in Kumamoto are under siege by the one who would keep them bound in darkness and from knowing the Truth.


Prayer Requests:

•   Pray that the light of truth will penetrate the hearts of people in Kumamoto and the City of Forests will become the City of Light, reflecting God’s glory and impacting all of Japan for Christ.
•   Over one million souls are in bondage and darkness. Pray that they can hear the gospel message and be delivered and set free in Christ.
•   Pray that Japanese in Kumamoto will embrace the Living Water who will quench their spiritually parched souls and give them life everlasting.


Prayer Profile – Kumamoto City (Downloadable PDF File)


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