Niigata, (nee-gah-tah) meaning new lagoon is the capital and the most populous city of Niigata Prefecture, with 810,000 people. It lies on the northwest coast of Honshu Island facing the Sea of Japan and the Asian continent. Niigata City is characterized by high humidity and strong winds from the Sea of Japan.


Many parts of Niigata Prefecture have heavy snow, but Niigata City itself usually receives less due to its low-lying elevation and the shielding effect of Sado Island off its coast. However, Niigata City receives much precipitation, mostly rain. On average, Niigata City has 250 days of rain or snow each year. This daily cloudiness and rain leads to the city being seen as “dark and dreary”.


With a long history as a port town, Niigata became a free port following the Meiji Restoration. Flood control and land reclamation have been important issues throughout its history as the city continually deals with its low elevation including the many lagoons, marshes and rice paddies. Niigata City has the greatest rice paddy field acreage in Japan. So, not all towns are filled with buildings and not all rice paddies are in the country!!!


Niigata prefecture is known for many “firsts”: Japan’s first vineyard, the first drive through restaurant, the first place to grow western pears, and the first postal system. It also claims the origin of the ornamental carp known as koi, which are flown in the sky on boy’s day.


Prayer Requests:

•   Pray for the people of Niigata City to receive Jesus, the True Vine, and become the “first” to be known for thousands of fruitful, growing Japanese disciples.
•   The city of Niigata is sometimes called the “City of Water”. Pray for people to thirst for God and come to Jesus who can give them living water, eternal life.
•   Just as an abundant harvest comes each fall from the rice fields in Niigata City, pray that an abundant harvest of souls and reproducing disciples and churches will soon come to Japanese in Niigata.


Prayer Profile – Niigata City (Downloadable PDF file)


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