Shizuoka (she-zoo-oh-kah) City, the capitol of Shizuoka Prefecture, is located in the center of Japan and best known as the home of Mt. Fuji, a volcanic mountain, known worldwide as the symbol of Japan. Shizuoka City lies between Mt. Fuji and the Pacific Ocean and a resident can enjoy both views on clear days. Japanese have a saying “All roads lead to the top of Mt. Fuji” and they interpret this to mean that all religions will lead to heaven and God.


Shizuoka, known for its tea, oranges and industry, is the tea capital of Japan. It is part of an industrial and technological belt that runs along the coast for over a hundred kilometers. Beautiful tea plantations resembling well-groomed shrubs and abundant mandarin oranges groves surround the city and give Shizuoka its name that means “Tranquil Hills”. Shizuoka University, one of many in the city, sits on one of those hills overlooking the city.


University students, factory workers, fishermen, young families, and the elderly all enjoy the mild climate and the view of Fuji as they gather on weekends in the many parks in their “Tranquil Hills”. However, frequent earthquakes remind them that life is not predictable and can disrupt their tranquility at any time despite their hard work and disciplined lifestyles.


The biggest event on Shizuoka City’s calendar is the Daidogai, a Street Performance World Cup. At this annual International Festival, the streets are filled with performers from Japan and other countries doing juggling, pantomime, and magic. Throughout the year many other festivals are observed. Well-preserved temples and shrines along the streets and atop the hills reveal a hunger to find the way to God.


Prayer Requests:

•   Pray that the people of Shizuoka will realize Jesus is the Way to God, not their religious rituals or self-disciplined lifestyles.
•   Pray that people of all ages and from all walks of life will be shaken from their complacency and seek God, believe Him, and gather to worship Him each week.
•   Pray for harvest workers to fill the streets of Shizuoka: to pray and to plant the seeds of the gospel which will bring in an abundant harvest of faithful followers.


Prayer Profile – Shizuoka City (Downloadable PDF File)


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