Staying Warm in Tohoku

With temperatures often going below freezing, many survivors of the March 11, 2011 tsunami have shown interest in making fleece blankets.  God has opened doors for opportunities in temporary housing, private homes, and community meeting rooms to make the two layered fleece blankets.  The people receiving the blankets  are expressing their thankfulness to the Christians […]

Tohoku Care really cares!

Tohoku Care volunteers continue to work on a monument that has been designed by a Japanese Christian man from Hokkaido.  In this neighborhood stricken by the tsunami, it is hoped that this monument will bond neighbors together and give them the opportunity to share their stories with those who come through the area in the […]

You prayed, and God Answered

You have prayed for workers to come to Kagoshima to share the Word of God, and God has faithfully answered that prayer.  A young Japanese Christian man has returned to his hometown, Kagoshima, to care for one of his relatives.  He is praying and seeking God’s Will for how he can reach out to those around […]

Hope for the Future

A new saw was delivered in Rikuzentakada today to a group of very excited Japanese men. Recently, the men had been using trees damaged during the tsunami to make tables and chairs. With only the small chain saw they had and some chiseling tools, they were doing a remarkable job. However, with the new saw, […]

Almost One Year Later

This week when Ron and I stopped by the Care house,  one of the young Japanese girls recognized me, and I recognized her, too.  Back in late April and early May 2011 when I had volunteered through an NPO in the tsunami affected area, she and I had ridden the bus to one of the […]