Progress is slow, but….

                Many survivors are enjoying the work done by volunteers as they sit on decks of community buildings, enjoy tea and discuss the needs of the community. Children come to play at the picnic tables made by volunteers.   Survivors have taken ownership of the area around the […]

Temporary!!! How many of us dislike that word?  The main highway between Minami Sanriku to Rikuzentaka along the Tohoku coast has over 8 temporary bridges. Much repair has been done since the tsunami, but as the government waits to raise the level of the land along the coast, they are also waiting to rebuild many […]

Many hands…

Personnel have started visiting the recovery apartments, as well as those who have been able to move into homes. The people in the apartments are in better living situations but are lonely.  There are community meeting rooms, but they are locked much of the time and have few activities going to help the residents. During […]

Warmer bodies and warmer hearts

Tohoku Care has been engaged in a project to make 1000 fleece throws for survivors living in temporary housing in Iwate Prefecture, northeast Japan. After fellowship together around a table or sitting across from each other on the floor making the blankets, the residents have been encouraged as they tell their story of what happened […]

Still in shambles

  Today, one day before the anniversary of the triple disaster that struck northeast Japan on March 11,2011, families attended memorial services, offered flowers to their deceased loved ones, and visited graves. Many more will follow the same routine tomorrow on the anniversary.  Thousands of  bodies have yet to be recovered, so there is no […]


Otsuchi in Iwate Prefecture was a town of about 13,000 resdients before it was almost totally wiped out by the tsunami on March 11,1011.  Mr. Uzu, a leader in his community working with an NPO, was near tears as he shared how people are taking their lives, how people are losing hope because of the slowness […]

Two New Believers

On Sunday evening, January 6, eight Christians gathered together in a home where the father and adult daughter followed the Lord in baptism. After the baptism and a meal together, the house church members gave a gift to the two who followed the Lord in baptism. Their present? The word!! Each person gave  new believers […]

Light in Darkness

A blizzard is raging across Hokkaido today. Record snow fall, power lines down. Winter has come with a vengeance to the northern most island of Japan. Today with winds as powerful as a typhoon, a blizzard hit Hokkaido leaving people in several villages without electricity. As the news cameras rolled, focusing their powerful spots behind […]

Finish the Task

Pray for the workers and volunteers who come to share the gospel with those in Japan who have never heard of Jesus Christ.  

Answering the call

Although June is “tsuyu,” or rainy season in Japan, that did not deter  a US volunteer team from answering the call of  obedience in coming to Japan to help with disaster relief. A family of five from Texas: a couple and their three children ages 15, 12,  10, came with a desire to help the […]