Where to Flee?? A Tragic Mistake!!

In Kamaishi City there is a community called Unosumai. In the middle of that neighborhood stands a white two story building, the Disaster Prevention Center. Residents would go there to receive training on how to escape disasters. One week before the tsunami on March 11, 2011, residents from the community went to the center for […]

One year since the 3/11 Triple Disaster in Japan

It has been one year since the disaster and Japan is still recovering. View these videos and read the articles that will help you to pray for concretely for us and the work there. This first site is for Baptist Press and has an article by Susie Rain. View by copying this URL in your […]

Pray for Tohoku

View Japan: Prayers for a Shaken Nation in a larger map http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msid=202080182876926573873.0004b9650bd4469ab25fd&msa=0

New Hope in Tohoku

Dear Prayer Partners, Here is a link to a video of the New Hope Clowns and their experience in Tohoku on a mission trip. It will lead you to pray for Tohoku and maybe even consider going to serve!!! The devastation is great. Loneliness and pain are still part of their daily lives. Much has […]

What a Day!

BB writes that God answered their team’s prayer at morning devotions for “Divine Appointments” at two different temporary housing areas. As the team finished passing out gifts and heating apple juice for the residents to drink and to have a time of fellowship, a young single mom approached and began to share how she had […]

What’s in a cup???

What’s in a cup! Well a lot can be in a cup. Tea, coffee, even HOPE for the future. Mrs. Oga went back to the place where her home had been before the tsunami. She dug through the silt and mud and as she did she found five of her fine china cups buried deep […]


Takamatsu (tah-kah-mah-tsoo) is the doorway to Shikoku Island from central Honshu. Located in central Kagawa Prefecture it is the smallest of Japan’s four main islands. A port city on the Seto Inland Sea, it is connected to the main island of Honshu by the Great Seto Bridge. With the opening of the bridge, for the […]

He connects!!

Toyama city is an isolated city on the Japan Sea side, but God is working there. A mother/daughter team came to Tohoku as volunteers and God put them on a team with a young Christian girl who was able to share her faith in Christ. The two girls exchanged emails and the young Japanese girl […]

Team Starfish

What’s in a name? A Lot!! A starfish divides and multiplies, and so did Team Starfish who came to serve in Tohoku. They were FLUID not just flexible. A team of ten, they planned and executed an American Event on Sunday, September 11, the sixth anniversary of the triple disaster in Japan. There were only […]

We’re In the dumps!

What can be more distressing than losing your husband, your parents, your home and your job in a tsunami??? It would be difficult to think of something that could drag one further into grief that that but to a Japanese lady who had lost her husband and parents, home and job, yet was beginning to look toward […]