Children of the King of Kings

Dear Praying Friends: Praise the Lord for all He has done!!! Thank you for making the difference in the lives of over twenty five Japanese this year!!! Because of your prayers these new Christians are celebrating their first Christmas as children of the King of Kings. On Christmas Eve, Mrs. Mu will be baptized in […]

Ringing Again

Dear Praying Friends: What an wonderful God we serve!! You have prayed these couple of weeks for Mrs. S to stand firm in her faith. We thank you and thank God for answering your prayers!! Mrs. S has stood firm. She was able to witness to her daughter about Jesus during those difficult days and […]

Christians Under Attack

Prayer Warriors!!! Satan works hardest just before and just after victory. We have had many victories these past few weeks! Praise the Lord. There have been a few skirmishes with Satan but no major battles. But now we are in the midst of a major battle as one of our leaders and bold witnesses is […]

K and Mr. Y

Dear Praying Friends: Four weeks ago this past Thursday, Mrs. Y trusted Christ. That same day she shared her decision with her husband who accepted Christ. Since then she has been praying with her husband and her children. On Thursday evening of this week, in the ofuro (Japanese bath) she explained to K, her seven […]

A Third and a First

Dear Praying Friends: Did the title cause you to pause and think?!!! 🙂 Here is what it means!!! Mrs. Sa is the third person of the third generation to lead someone to the Lord. PTL the chain is expanding!!! On Thursday afternoon, Mrs. Se and Mrs. Sa witnessed to Mrs. Su, who said she was […]

DeanO and Friends

Dear Prayer Warriors: We are having a great time with DeanO T. Clown!! We have been to kindergartens, a baptism at the beach with raw fish which he did eat, as well as a worship at Tabiji. We visited a clown school and made contacts with a clown who says she wants to come and […]

Praises and Prayer Requests

Dear Prayer Warriors: Each time the phone rings these days our hearts jump with anticipation as we think “Maybe someone else trusted Christ!” Thursday afternoon we received such a call! E shared that Mrs. Se and Mrs. Mo had just led Mrs. Ao the Lord. Mrs. Ao had gone to church as a child and […]


Dear Praying Friends: God continues to answer your prayers and we thank you for praying and praise Him for His wonder working power!!!!! On September 7 we wrote to you about Mrs. Mo who had been afraid to tell her husband she was a Christian. She has been wrestling with her fear and the Holy […]

Victory in Jesus

Dear Prayer Warriors: There is victory in the midst of battle!! Thank you for praying for the N family. God answered! Sunday afternoon, September 14th, Mr. N prayed to accept Christ as His Savior. He and his wife have been reading the Bible and praying together each day. Today (Saturday) we had worship in their […]