Two Volunteer Testimonies

One of my  (RR’s) favorite things about tsunami relief was working alongside Japanese volunteers.  I met Japanese who are now living in America, Germany, and Scotland.  I met Japanese from Kobe, Niigata, Osaka, Nara, Tokyo, and Toyama.  Whether it was during the morning meetings, a bus ride, working at the site, or visiting the volunteer […]

Prayer for Sapporo and Hokkaido University

As I sit at my desk, sipping my coffee and reading my Bible,  I am reminded of the time spent in Sapporo in July. I bought my coffee cup from a Starbucks in Sapporo train station.There is a picture of the Sapporo clock tower on it with the name of the city in English and Kanji. […]


During my time in Tohoku we visited several places.  One in particular really stood out to me.  The town of Otsuchi was 80-90% destroyed.  What was not destroyed in the earthquake or tsunami was destroyed in a fire which followed the disasters.  My first day in that area was at the base of a mountain.  […]

Five obedient children!

This past Sunday five new Christians followed the Lord in baptism in Togane!!! Afterwards there was lots of  rolled sushi and chicken to eat. It was a great time of fellowship as the body had a meal together. It was lively to say the least with lots of children. But, what a blessed time. Two […]

It is All in a Vest

A volunteer writes: I had the priviledge of working with Tohoku Care from June 13-22 in the tsunami disaster area. We worked in the cities of Kamaishi, Otsuchi, and Rikuzen Takata. We also visited several of the government housing sites in those cities. Each time our team went out, we wore yellow vests with our […]

Watch where you walk!!

Last week we drove through several of the towns on the coast in Tohoku. We visited the volunteer shelter in Minami Sanriku where we found out that ony 2 percent of the homes in the town now have water.  Huge sections of the town are nothing but a pile of rubble. The debris lines the […]

Still in Need of Rice

We learned today from a pastor that there are many families along the coast who do not have rice to eat. Please pray that we will be able to find these pockets of people and get food and other necessities to them. Volunteers from the city, from aid groups, from mission groups work each day […]

Tohoku Care

Our ministry to the people effected by the tsunami continued the week of May 13 to 20th as a team of missionaries from Kansai, a volunteer team from Oregon, and the new volunteer coordinator unit who has just arrived in Japan from Alabama, worked together to deliver relief supplies and assess needs in Iwate prefecture […]

Where will we live?

The black house on the left  that is leaning precariously  is Mr. Ta’s house near Watanoha in Ishimaki, a city that was nearly destroyed by the March 11 tsunami. The ground near the water sunk over 60 centimeters so each day when high tide comes the water reaches up to the knees of a grown […]

Virtual Prayerwalks

click on archives and go to virtual prayer walks and pray for Japan from Sapporo to Okinawa.