Regional Unengaged Cities


The work of the  East Asia Affinity Group in Japan is divided among three sub clusters which target different cities. Presently, personnel in one sub-cluster  are engaging the Japanese in the Tokyo Metro area and three cities north of Tokyo: Takasaki/Maebashi, Utsunomiya, and Sendai.  Another sub-cluster engages the Central Japan Mega Cites, including Osaka, Kobe, and Kyoto. They also engage Nagoya and Hamamatsu in central east and then Hiroshima and Fukuoka/Kitakyushu in the western part of Honshu and northern Kyushu.

The Strategist for Regional Unengaged cities will be seeking ways to get the gospel to the cities of Sapporo, Niigata, Shizuoka, Okayama/Kurashiki, Kumamoto, Kagoshima and Matsuyama. These are cities where we currently do not have any personnel. We will seek to partner with churches both in Japan and in our home country to pray, proclaim the gospel and promote rapidly multiplying church planting methods.

This Outreach Japan website will introduce you to the currently unengaged cities. As you read the profiles of each city, it is our prayer that you will be moved to adopt that city and pray daily for the salvation of those who live there.   Outreach Japan’s goal is to introduce you to our cities and to the great spiritual need of Japanese from Okinawa in the south to Hokkaido in the north.

The Japan Gospel Penetration Network is a team within our team that is seeking to target the smaller cities, towns and villages. It is linked to this site. There you can read about the work God has done in Chiba, just east of Tokyo. You can take a prayer walk through that area, and join us in reaching the Japanese. Remember Japanese Need Jesus!!!!

As you click on the name of each city listed on our home page you will be introduced to the city or area and the needs.  You will also see ways you can be part of our team.

One very significant way you can be part of our team is to pray for and with us. You can join us as volunteers. You can adopt a city  to pray, to become the church designated to get the gospel to a city. There is a great need for laborers and the chance for you to be a vital part of a ministry here.

Our prayer is that you will visit the site often, that your heart will be moved to pray for God to move in the hearts of Japanese who do not know Christ . Praying that many will hunger to know Him.

This site will be linked in the coming months to a site that is being developed for Japanese worldwide. Be expecting it and pray for those who are creating it.