The Team

Tak and Lana Oue

Welcome!!! We are “Tak”, short for Takahiro, and Lana Oue, Southern Baptist missionaries to Japan. We were appointed as missionaries to Japan by the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention in 1969. We have served on Shikoku Island in the city of Kochi and then on Honshu Island, in the cities of Yokosuka, Tomisato, and Tokyo in pioneer evangelism and church planting. Tak has also served as an evangelism director for East Japan and as a strategy leader.

Tak and Lana

Tak was born in Kochi, Japan on the island of Shikoku. Several years after his biological father was killed in WWII, his mother married an American and went to America to live. She left Tak behind to live with his grandparents. At age thirteen, he joined his mother and stepfather who moved to Kentucky. It was there as a high school senior that he accepted Christ as Savior. While a student at Southern Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, he felt God calling him back to Japan as a missionary.

Lana was born and raised on a farm in Kentucky. She became a Christian while attending college at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Nurtured and discipled in the college department of the Glendale Baptist Church, Lana soon felt God’s call to missions. Both Tak and Lana claim Glendale as their home church.

We have two sons. Our elder son, Richard, his wife, Renae, with sons, Caleb and Stephen, serve as missionaries in Kawasaki, Japan. Our younger son, Jonathan, and his wife, Brittany, have three children, Benjamin, Jon, and Rachel, who are adopted from Ukraine and Kazakhstan. They are serving the Lord in Alabama.

Emiko Kobori


Emiko was born in Tokyo, Japan and graduated from university where she studied English. In October of 2000, she became a Christian while living in Missouri. She lived there two years, but decided it was God’s will to return to Japan to witness to her family, friends, and neighbors and help start house churches.

She now teaches English to support herself as she serves the Lord and works with the Japan Gospel Penetration Team.




Gerald and Brenda Burch

Gerald and Brenda Burch joined our team in May, 2011 and they serve as the volunteer coordinators for our disaster relief ministry in northeast Japan, Tohoku Care.


Bob and Gloria Gellerstedt

Bob and Gloria joined the team in February 2012 and moved to a tiny apartment in Kamaishi to do evangelism and church planting.